Monday, October 02, 2006

Hey, Let's Blast Another Country!

Former US officials urge military action against Sudan over Darfur

What's making me MAD today: In the news we've got Anthony Lake, who served as president Bill Clinton's National Security Advisor, former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Susan Rice and current Democratic representative from New Jersey Donald Payne saying the US should take the initiative and go blast Sudan because they refuse to allow UN peacekeepers into the country and are probably going to launch another "ethnic cleansing" operation.

Can someone PLEASE explain to Lake and Rice and Payne that this is the United STATES, not the United NATIONS? Do they have a really serious spelling deficiency or are they just morons? Do they believe the US is responsible for the world? OK, so the UN is slow at getting around to doing anything more than blowing hot air in most situations, but what makes that the US' fault? What makes it our responsibilty to take over where the UN fails to act as quickly as some would like or does something we don't agree with? The answer: IT'S NOT OUR JOB!

So, the UN's lacking -- work within the UN to improve it.

In the meantime, I recommend that the US send a Primary Attack Force of newly commissioned infantrymen: Lake and Rice and Payne. The rest of the troops are right behind you, guys -- WAY behind you. Good luck.