Thursday, June 22, 2006

Legislative Fluff

If you are OK with your blood pressure or have your meds close at hand, check this out:

I'm glad that Massachusetts doesn't have any crime or health care or environmental problems or education issues or any REAL business for their Legislature to spend their time on. You think Barrios bothered to check any actual nutritional FACTS before opening his mouth and sticking his foot in it (high protein, low sodium, low cholesterol Not likely. You think he has any clue that kids' dietary/nutritional requirements are a little different than his? Not likely. You think he has any clue what school lunches are about? Not likely. (See to get an overview of the actual issues). Hopefully come election time the voters will remember their "OUTraged" legislators and vote them "OUT".


UPDATE: I’m slightly (VERY slightly) encouraged to see that the fool Barrios has at least recognized that he’s a fool, although he’s not gone so far as to back off of his idiotic position.


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