Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Makes Sense To Me

While interviewing an anonymous US Marine, a Reuters News agent asked the Marine what he felt when sniping members of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

The Marine shrugged and replied, ”Recoil."

Monday, January 16, 2006



1- OK, I understand why there are CALENDAR Years us mere mortals go by and there are FISCAL Years that the government and business world use (irritating, but generally manageable), but what about new model year cars and trucks? THEY are available in dealer showrooms towards the end of September or the first of October every year, have been for decades. So, we buy 2006 cars 3-4 months before 2006 starts.

HELLO!! The $&%^$@&*($% year starts in JANUARY! What MORON decided that automobiles should have “calendars” of their own? Do they think they are FOOLING someone into believing they are “cheating” the calendar or something? And I’m not talking about a consistent calendar for the whole industry, but it’s almost different for EACH $&%^$@&*($% CAR. And of course, there are exceptions: SOME cars come out in the spring, some in the summer… but do they go by the same calendar as the rest of us? Not $&%^$@&*($% likely. A new model you buy in June 2006 will be a 2007 model. Morons.

2- Magazine publishers are also calendar-challenged: wouldn’t you think a January magazine would be issued in JANUARY?

HELLO!! December (or November) is NOT THE SAME AS JANUARY is it??!! Of course, in January you can’t actually buy a JANUARY magazine, since they’ve all been pulled and replaced with February’s issue (or maybe March’s). Morons.

3- Ever buy a Sunday newspaper on SATURDAY? WHY!?!?!? OK, so a Friday newspaper you get on Friday and you figure the news is stuff that happened on Thursday, right? So a Sunday NEWSpaper will have news pieces about what happened on Saturday, right? Then a Sunday paper you buy on Saturday must have articles about stuff that happened AFTER it was printed, right? So that means the articles are written by PSYCHICS, right? But, it gets worse. They also have a SATURDAY paper put out on (oddly enough) Saturday! AND, you can get a Sunday paper on SUNDAY… imagine THAT! Of course, it’s different than the psychics’ Saturday version of the Sunday paper's news… HELLO!! Does any of this make sense to anyone outside of the publishers (and psychics)? I didn’t think so. Morons.

Yathink maybe colleges and universities need to add “Remedial Calendar Reading” classes to the curriculum? Not only for the people planning careers in the auto industry or magazine and newspaper publishing fields, but also for the rest of the public who don’t see how stupid it is.


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mine Rescue Lesson: Just Say 'Don't Know'

Well, DUH!