Monday, November 28, 2005


STUPID THINGS WE SEE EVERY DAY (but aren’t likely to change)

Who the &@#%$&^* came up with this lunacy?
• Gasoline in the US priced at “$.$$9” per gallon? Does anyone have any fractional pennies to use for the 9/10 of a cent when buying gasoline? Do our credit cards get charged fractional pennies for this 9/10 of a cent? What idiot came up with that nonsensical standard in the first place!??!
• Highway signs that tell us such-and-such a street is at the “NEXT Exit” when it’s actually at THIS exit where the sign is, not the next one? (I know, I know, if you look at the dictionary, paraphrased, the word “next” can be used to mean “this” OR “the one after this one”, so it’s a bit of English-language lunacy. Regardless, a more sensible standard could have been established 100 years ago or so by whoever painted the first signs this way.)
• Stores and other buildings with expensive double entrance doors, one of which is always kept locked so we smash into them expecting them to actually work. Is it laziness, just too much trouble for whoever opens in the morning to turn the key twice instead of once?
• Ditto with major event venue parking lots where thousands of vehicles dangerously block roadways while crawling past half a dozen chained gates to funnel through the one or two that are open for a football game or whatever. (Ever see someone try to cut into the line? Wonder where road rage comes from?) Then how many locked building entrances do you hike past to get into the ^@$#&* place? And who among you can say you’re certain all of the elevators are actually turned ON once you get inside? Memo to building and stadium planners: don’t bother with traffic/pedestrian studies to optimize entrances and circulation. You’re wasting your time and money.
• And unmanned (unwomanned?) store check-out counters? Don’t EVEN get me started!

OK, where’s my blood pressure medication? I think I need two… maybe three…

More to come as I run into them…………..


At 11:26 PM, Blogger Grumpy Goat said...

Sign on a gate in the wall around the Boddington's brewery in Manchester, UK:

This is neither an entrance nor an exit and must be kept locked at all times.

Why don't they just brick it up?

At 8:27 AM, Blogger Mad SoapBoxer said...

Probably they figure a stupid sign is cheaper than bricks, which leads me to one of my pet peeves: stupid building or store owners and operators who buy expensive double entrance doors then keep one of them locked. Maybe they get their jollies by watching everyone hit the door and bouncing off of it?



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