Tuesday, December 27, 2005

NYC Transit Union Trying To Create A Smoke Screen

Anyone out there recognize a smoke screen? NYC Transit Workers Union officials obviously have found something they think will divert attention from the illegal strike they called:

Bloomberg's Word Choice Still Under Fire"
By VERENA DOBNIK, Associated Press Writer Mon Dec 26, 8:33 PM ET

NEW YORK - Four days after the city's transit strike ended, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was still coming under fire for his use of the word "thuggishly" to describe the actions of the leaders of a union that is mostly minority. "

“Bloomberg said he stood by his characterization of the union leadership's actions. A spokesman for Bloomberg, Paul Elliot, said Monday: ‘It is astonishing that some insist on continuing to divisively inject the subject of race four days after the strike has ended. One has to wonder what their motivations are.’ "

Are YOU falling for the union's BS? Calling everything a racial issue is very popular these days, but that doesn’t make it real.

Merriam Webster’s has the definitions that prove Bloomberg hit the nail right on the head.

Pronunciation: 'th&g

Function: noun
Etymology: Hindi thag, literally, thief: a brutal ruffian or assassin : GANGSTER, KILLER

Pronunciation: 'ga[ng]-st&rFunction: noun: a member of a gang of criminals : RACKETEER

Pronunciation: "ra-k&-'tirFunction: noun: one who obtains money by an illegal enterprise usually involving intimidation

smoke screen
Function: noun1 : a screen of smoke to hinder enemy observation of a military force, area, or activity2 : something designed to obscure, confuse, or mislead

Here’s hoping the laws that were broken by the union are enforced and the fines collected promptly:

“Earlier this week, the judge, State Justice Theodore Jones, fined the union $1 million a day during the strike. And under the state no-strike law, the rank-and-file members were automatically docked two days' pay for each day they stayed off the job.” DEEPTI HAJELA Associated Press Writer

In addition to “thug”, the word “IDIOT” applies to the union leadership (a misnomer in itself, of course) as well. The 4-day strike by 33,000 transit workers making an average of $55,000 a year equates to a total fine of just under $60,000,000. It works out to over $1800 per worker, or about 3.3% of their average salary. That sure looks like to me they threw away just about the equivalent of a year’s inflation/cost of living adjustment. And, do you think the transit workers have made friends and influenced people? Would YOU want to have millions of New Yorkers ticked at YOU? Have I missed something or was that strike a pretty $%%#&#$^&#$^ stupid move on the union’s part?

You can see the whole Yahoo News article I’ve quoted here.


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