Friday, November 11, 2005


Yep, one of the most brazen and insidious spyware purveyors ever is headed to court and has thoroughly trashed a formerly clean reputation. They're going DOWN!

Whatever they think they might have accomplished by joining the ranks of the distributors of computer viruses, Trojan Horses and worms they will lose a thousandfold in the backlash of this TOTALLY STUPID / MORONIC / IDIOTIC move on their part. They deserve it, fer sher.

Click for Yahoo News Story

I suggest you run Ad-Aware, Norton Antivirus and Spybot NOW, even if you think maybe you have not played a Sony CD on your PC... (I've got an Ad-Aware scan in progress.... it has found 14 new critical somethings so far...)


At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Microsoft: Sony Rootkit's Gotta Go
Microsoft's security tools will be updated to detect the controversial Sony BMG copy protection software installed on PCs when some audio CDs are played, the software giant said over the weekend.
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